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Tax Investigations

Are you aware that HM Revenue and Customs no longer need a reason for opening an enquiry into your business or personal affairs? This means that potentially everyone is at risk of a tax investigation.

Top-Notch Accountants can offer you a Fee Protection Service which covers the cost of work we have to do towards an investigation.

The costs associated with an investigation can be devastating, and even if you are successful in defending yourself against HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), you cannot recover your costs from the tax authority. But with this service, we feel that you will have peace of mind should you be investigated.

Furthermore, we have access to experienced consultants (paid for by the insurance company) to assist through the investigation to resolve it as quickly as possible using experts.

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How can I avoid an investigation by HMRC?

The best route for avoiding an investigation would be to employ an accountant first and foremost. Using an accountant should ensure that your tax return is accurate and complies with the UK tax regime.

Top-Notch Accountants also use specialist software to analyse the completed tax return to check for anything that may arouse HMRC suspicion.

HMRC does, however, carry out several random investigations, which are, unfortunately, unavoidable. So even if you believe that there are no unusual entries in your accounts or on your tax returns, an investigation could still happen to you.

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