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Were you looking for investment in your startup or small business? Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) can help attract investors and make your business dream a reality.


This scheme is designed to help your company raise money when it's starting to trade. It does this by offering tax reliefs to individual investors who buy shares in your company.

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Like SEIS, this scheme helps your company raise funds by offering tax reliefs to individual investors. In addition, it is designed to help you grow your business.

With both schemes, some rules must be followed so that your investors can claim and keep the tax reliefs relating to their shares.

The shares issued must meet the exact requirements under both schemes. They must be paid up in full, in cash, on the issue and must be full-risk ordinary shares which

  • Are not redeemable
  • Carry no special rights to your assets

Risk-to-capital condition

This applies to both schemes. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) need an explanation of how the investment in your company meets the condition, which means:

  • Your company must use the funds raised for growth and development
  • The investment should carry the risk that the investor will lose more capital than they are likely to gain as a net return

How the schemes work


  • You can receive a maximum of £150,000
  • The investment should carry the risk that the investor will lose more capital than they are likely to gain as a net return
  • Counts towards any limits for later investments through other schemes


  • You can raise to £5m each year, and a maximum of £12m in your company's lifetime, including amounts raised under other schemes
  • Your company must receive investment under the project within seven years of its first commercial sale
  • Special rules apply to knowledge-intensive companies that extend the time and investment limits

Tax reliefs will be withheld or withdrawn from your investors if you do not follow the directions for at least three years after the investment is made.

Advance assurance

You can ask HMRC if your share issue is likely to qualify before you go ahead. We can help you with this process. The wording of the risk-to-capital condition narrative is significant, and we have a track record of getting this right.


When you've issued your shares, you must complete a compliance statement. Again, we can help you with this process.

Next steps to check your eligibility

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