Business Set-up in the UK


Business Set-Up In The UK

A move to the UK, while potentially beneficial, can result in some challenges that require expert advice to overcome. Our qualified team of international accountants has considerable experience and expertise to help you define the most appropriate trading structure and entity for you.

They can help you establish the best arrangements and offer you practical and business advice. If you are thinking of acquiring a trading activity in the UK, our corporate finance team is ideally placed to locate, target and negotiate with you.

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Our support, advice and compliance services are also available for:

  • International team - each of our teams has a dedicated contact partner who focuses on all incoming work for this team. The experience of the foreign contact partner will ensure that the right team is assigned to your needs.
  • Taxation - Individual and corporate tax services ensure that all compliance issues are appropriately addressed and that all relevant planning opportunities are explored.
  • Indirect taxation - issues of rights and VAT can be extremely complex. We have a team of specialists who deal exclusively with indirect taxation on behalf of our clients.
  • Outsourcing and pay - often the first entry into the UK market is via a sales and marketing function. Our teams can perform the full back-office function on your behalf, allowing your team to do what it does best. These services would include all payroll regulation issues, including UK pension legislation (automatic enrollment), which employers must comply with.
  • Audit and Insurance - Our experts can provide you with the services you need to ensure that you comply fully with all applicable regulations.
  • Human Resources - Our Human Resources team can help you with pay rate comparisons, recruiting and contract writing to make sure you have the best people in place to manage and grow your business.
  • Professional Introductions - we can put you in touch with other trusted professional advisors to help you establish a commercial presence in the UK.

At every step of your entry and business cycle in the UK, you will benefit from the advice and assistance of a high-quality team led by partners.

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